Tiny Bit Obsessed

It’s probably a good thing I have no money. I have a tiny bit of an obsession with artisan dolls and have been cruising the net drooling all day long.

It all started with buying my daughter a Vermont Teddy Bear, when she was little. I started a bit of a tradition of buying her bears each year (this has now moved on to a t-shirt collection as she has gotten older) from the time she was little. I made her a bear named Isabelle Bunny, at Build-a-bear that first year she was born. I didn’t truly go nuts for stuffies, until I bought her a Vermont Teddy bear some years later. I was so impressed with the solid form of the bear. How well it was crafted and how incredibly well it held up over time. Never losing it’s impish cuteness. We named that bear, Radar, after the character on M.A.S.H. He had a Teddy himself and I thought it a nice nod to the character, to name our bear after him.

After I admitted to myself that I was the one that liked bears, not Z. I went ahead and indulged myself with my very own bear (I only own 4 dolls altogether honest.) I bought myself a Charlie Bear. He was the most expensive frivolous thing, I have ever bought myself (pretty much still is really). His name is Theo, and he is an English bear. I have mentioned him before, so I won’t go into it further.

Anyway, I totally love Artist bears. I love the care and attention that goes into them. I love that they are each extremely different from one another and often, extremely limited, if not a one-off altogether. I love all kinds (they need not all be bears either).

Though I cannot afford to own all the stuffies I like, I can (and do) pin the ones I like on Pinterest (Pinterest really saves me space and money). I indulge my need to collect by saving the photos and sharing them. One day I might add a new bear to commemorate something. I really think that would be fun. All I know is. I really can’t help how much I love looking at these little fluffy bits of happiness.

Here are some of my favorites: