I never noticed before, but I have developed a few rituals. One for getting ready to go to sleep,  one for getting ready to go to work, and one for getting home from work.

After my evening bathe and such, I have taken to putting my bus fare in my right coat pocket, along with a glove (the other glove is, of course, in the left hand pocket) I pack up my carry bag with all my needed things for work and traveling to work, I set out my watch and Ginger-snap necklace (after deciding which snap to wear the next day naturally) I put out a comb, hair tie, chapstick, toothpaste and toothbrush, perfume, baby powder, deodorant, and some baby lotion. I fill a glass up with water and place my Kindle on charger. I place the water near my bed and leave enough room for my glasses, should I need them in the night. I shuffle my tarot deck and do my nightly reading. I place one card on my bedside bureau as a focus card for the next day. I listen to 3 songs before I go to sleep and lastly, I set my kindle alarm to wake me with music.

When I wake up I immediately make my bed. I tap my heater (or fan in the summer) off and get dressed for work. I go upstairs and do my morning freshening up and pack a lunch (grabbing toast for brekkie) then make my way back downstairs and spend some time online looking at my blog stats (sad, but true). I ready my coat, get my bag, and buzz out to the bus 15 min before my bus arrives.

When I get home generally either grab a plate for dinner, or make something for dinner (if there is none already made). I hang up my coats, place my shoes nearby. Turn on my heater (or fan) and log onto Facebook, my blog, and check online for news. I make a nice nest on my bed and just happily do my thing for whatever time I have for the rest of my night before bed.

I mention this, because I just realized that having these rituals seems to reassure me in some strange way. It’s like I know what to expect. I wonder if this gives me the illusion of control?

Also, this makes me realize I am very predictable and slightly boring. lol