Working on Chapter 6



There is an old section of story I dropped out of the start of the book that I am now inserting into a different part of the book, namely chapter 6. The tricky part is changing the section so that it makes sense to the new section it is in, without losing the aspects of that section that made me love it too much not to use it somewhere else.

This is seriously twisty going. I like the section too much to not include it. It feels oddly awkward, like a first date. I know the chapter will like it, once they get use to one another…but the section is new and that chapter doesn’t like change. It feels rather like they are eyeing one another with tentative suspicion. I just need to get the Chapter to see Millweed as I do, if I can get the Chapter to accept him, it will be bang-on perfect to finish the chapter out. I need to tweak.

I could have just done the chapter completely new, but there is something to be said for adapting things to fit the character of the book, instead of molding the book to my specifications, I am letting the book tell me what it wants…and it seems to want Millweed. My brain hurts.

I need toast.