Passage to a new morning

As the sun rose this morning, I thought of you.

The coral sky set against the still dark trees,

the soft indistinctive melding of emotion

as I looked into the dawning day,

uncertain of my true thoughts about you.

There are too many questions, that honestly

hinder my intuition, which I would trust,

if not for my timid reliance on self-steered caution.

You are like the light flickering through a car window,

as one drives underneath trees in full leaf.

There is a feeling of recognition,

something forgotten, but felt,

each moment you reappear.

Somewhat strange this,

as we have yet to meet,

yet, to communicate in any way.

yet, to hear each other speak,

yet, to link fingers and steal glances.

and yet, part of me is awake, and waiting.

(Dream men don’t give directions)