Card Crawl: The cure for long waits

No, seriously. I love this thing. It takes a bit of dedicated playing to get the general idea of how to play, but once you got it, it’s awesome. It’s like solitaire, but with serious bite. There is a cool review here. The line where he wrote “I hate him and his entire bovine family.” Totally made me snort laugh. (You’ll get the joke later, so I am highlighting it here.)

There is one unfortunate issue, which I hope they fix. The graphics segment at the beginning sometimes messes with my Kindle, It makes the screen pink and unresponsive. If it does this, I have learned, it is best to back out and reload. If it does it on first upload, delete and re-load the download. If you re-download later you will lose all progress (don’t do it man!)’s totally a free game from Amazon. No hidden in-game purchasing stuff either. Seriously, Kindle has soo few really good games. This one is a keeper.