Ok, Chapter 6, 7, & 8 are done. Never completely done (obviously) as I am quite certain huge chunks will need reworked if I move to get it published, but the important bit is getting the thing written so I have something tangible to edit and revise later.

I am really liking the ideas I am having on the current scene. Hamilton has learned about Thomas Foxley’s attack and Braxley’s abduction now. He’s rushing off from the library with the mysterious package he just received, leaving Felly (his assistant) feeling a bit breathless and off-center.

Since I am ahead of schedule now, I am going to take the next week to think about the scene with Miss Templeton and Oliver Crumbwell for the beginning of chapter 9. I am going to open with their scene, as we have not seen Miss Templeton in a while and I want to show her personality more fully before she interacts and reunites with Hamilton’s character again. Her manner with people and her reactions. I can’t lie, she reminds me slightly of a very proper female English-woman,  a cross between Mary Poppins and Maria from the Sound of Music. lol