Huh, dream??

Ok, that was weird. Not only was my dream weird, I was a dude. What the heck? I am wondering if this was even MY dream.

I dreamt I was an artist, painter..only, I was painting something else, at first, got caught on the property of some place I wasn’t supposed to be, and lied and said, I was painting this famous horse and rider ( the rider was, of course Female, pretty, and my love interest) I say love interest, because I realized suddenly this story was scripted, and I (the dude) was actually being filmed, as

WTH? Then I thought McDreamy’s damned name and realized..I am in SHK’s damned dream (or dreaming I am) and not least I hope I am, as even that weirdness is saner that the alternative, which equals me…nuttier than a fruitcake.

I need aspirin.

(Dreaming I am in someone else’s dream is a new weird, even for me…time for a reality check..)