The pancake has turned

Ok, so..everyone knows I am mostly rubbish at cooking more than basic stuff (if it has a recipe I can usually do it but otherwise nope.)

I have taken to learning bits of things as a means of navigating the fridge that belongs to others (IE my sisters fridge). Sometimes I have to get creative, so learning basic stuff like cooking hamburgers from raw ground beef and making eggs that aren’t scrambled is something I have, slowly, been figuring out. (You are sooo not allowed to laugh at me here.. maybe later though)

Today I worked on my pancake making. It tried a bit of Cinnamon and sugar in the batter this time.

What I’ve learned so far:

  1. The first pancake is always complete crap.
  2. There is some in-between place that exists between too much water, and too little. Getting it right creates impromptu celebration and booty shaking.
  3. One minute on one side, thirty seconds on the other is about right (using a cast-iron skillet anyway)
  4. Butter works better than oil. Don’t scorch the butter..
  5. Set the notch at 4.5 flame…5 is too high, 4 is too tedious.
  6. Adding  flavors into the mix thins it out a bit, compensate with less water.
  7. Flipping the pancake is for really good pancakers…I am not a really good pancaker…yet!
  8. Wait until the skillet is “properly” hot before beginning.
  9. Bubbles are your friend. They signal that that pancake is almost ready to flip over.
  10. Once you flip the pancake the center of it should rise slightly from caught heat, this means it’s done!