Good Questions #74

74. What do you define as “manliness”?

Manliness to me isn’t found in never being vulnerable. It isn’t about fast cars, getting laid, or never crying when you are in pain. Manliness, for me, is the guy who shows up when he says he will. Stands up for what he believes, even if he’s the only one standing. Speaks up for others, even other men, when they are being threatened or victimized. Makes humane decisions, has integrity, considers reasonable alternatives to violence and knows that NO, really does mean NO. Manliness, for me, is a man with a good working knowledge of what he needs to be happy, and makes damn sure he never takes those things for granted. A man, is the guy who has principles, goals, and most importantly, compassion. Not only is that my idea of manliness, I find those qualities in a man fucking hot!