Good Questions #73

73. If you had to choose to live without one of your five sense abilities, which one would you give up?

(I changed this slightly..because I prefer Sight, Speech, Hearing, Touch, and Smell for my questions options. I think it reveals more about the person…not to mention it makes choosing harder)

Speech/ Taste. I don’t need to blah, blah, blah..I have writing and emotion to express…most people value someone who knows how to shut the hell up and listen anyway. I don’t stop talking often enough, soo…yeah. Taste, I would miss..but it might help me eat less junk food.

Hearing is too important to me. Can’t give up the sound of a voice in my ear at 2 am, in the dark. Can’t give up music, laughter, the cacophony of sounds in a cafe.

Sight  My eyes are how I examine things, decide the mood of those things around me. Plus, I can’t bear not seeing Z grow older.

Touch. I can’t imagine not feeling textures, softness, warm, fingertips clasped against my own.

Scent. The scent of cinnamon, lemon, vanilla and other wonderful scents, cannot be lost..Smells are memories.