It began as a swish,swish,swish,

and turned into a diddly -diddly -doo.

It swirled a bit, and twirled a bit,

and bent itself in two.

It hung around the round-a-bout,

canoodled with a star,

then, it folded sideways,

and became rather like, a car.

A certain cat batted it, with paw;

so it became quite dizzy.

She resembled, just a bit,

a remembered cat, named Lizzie.

Then it took a giant leap,

across the crinkled line,

and wobbled sideways, wobbled back,

having a fine old time.

It traveled hither, tickled yon,

stopped halfway down the stair.

Then, it perched upon the window-ledge,

happy and feeling fair.

It paused a moment, to make a heart,

then, tore itself in two.

One half went left, the other right.

Now whats a girl to do?

It whistled up, then whistled down,

made curcuits in the air,

then, finally puttered itself out.

Now it’s line down upon a chair.