Good Questions #70

70. What animal best represents you and why?

I’ve done this one before. I’m pretty sure, that in animal form, I’d be a Labrador Retriever. I can sometimes be oblivious to subtext and expectations..I’m just all kinds of excitable doggie happiness. I am what you see..there is no subtext with me. My anger memory is incredibly short.  I vent often, then forget I was even mad once I have vented. I am loyal, but will be friends with any ole body. I just want to love on people. I am also, sometimes a complete clumsy olf..Labs knock stuff over with their waggy tail, they leap up into your lap oblivious of the fact that you might not have wanted a lap full of doggie.

I am also a bit lazy, a bit excitable, and always up for a game of catch. 🙂