Good Questions #68

68. What do you define as a family?

Family, for me, isn’t about being born to someone. Anyone can make a baby. Family is more than that.

They are the people who rush over at 2 am with medicine for your highly allergic two year old. They are the ones who laugh with you after hard times fail to crush you, shake you from your funk, take you somewhere you were too scared to go alone.

They hold you when you cry, even if you won’t tell them what you’re crying about. They listen when you make no sense because you are super excited. They make you face the truths your hiding from, even when you say you hate them forever, and ever. They hurt for you and ignore it when you hurt them too, cause they know you don’t mean it, not really. 

They are the ones who buy creamy peanut butter, even though they like crunchy..cause you don’t, and they love you more than they love crunchy peanut butter. They are the ones with faces that light up when you show up. They are the ones that put problems you both have, one with the other, aside the moment you need them, cause petty doesn’t trump family, not ever.

They are the soft hugs you need just about more than breath, and warm brownies and secret smiles. They are holding hands people. They are echoing laughter and boundless joy. fighting for you, even when you think they are just fighting you.

Family is crying for you, cause pain shared is halved, and joy shared, is doubled.

Family. They are the people who come. They come because they are yours, and you are theirs.

Famiky is stronger than blood, because it’s made up of hearts and not genes.

Family. You know it, when you feel it.