Good Questions #64

64. In what ways do you hold yourself back?

I was dreading this one. Mostly, because I already know the answer. Fear.

My fear holds me back. I’m soo terrified I will mess everything up, I stop myself from leaping into things. I have never gotten anything easily. I wouldn’t know how to accept something that didn’t demand some blood, sweat and tears. In fact, probably would distrust an easy victory.

I want to be so many things. My deepest dreams are soo desperately hopeful, to have my dreams come close but to lose would utterly destroy me. That fear almost stops me, yet, I am still trying…though, terrified, to move forward.

Some dreams are worth being destroyed for.

My dream is  about more than writing. It’s what succeeding at writing could result in, a home.

I am soo scared. I want my own home soo badly, I am utterly terrified of not having it happen.

I want my own home. My own decorations picked by me. My own space filled with bits of love and memories.

True bravery, is being afraid, but doing it anyway.

Let me be brave.