Tomorrow’s Writing plan

#1 Complete the second part if The Littlest Thief and celebrate. My first short story (2 Part writing activity)

#2 Chapter’s 9 & 10 of Hamilton. The outline is done, now to write the sucker out. This is gonna be fun! Chapter 9 is Miss Templeton’s proper introduction to the readers, finishing out the warm-ups and main character introductions to the book (not counting when we meet Damson and Miss Tillie later on), now the adventure hits full throttle. Chapter 10 is where Hamilton goes into awesome-mode.

#3 Poetry work. I want to get my poems filtered for the best pieces for my Wattpad. If I’m going to put them into book form, might as well show my best bits.

#4 Work on my collaborative effort with M.M.Clendon. The Moon Lenses. M sent me his inspiration cover he worked up to get a feel for the book. It’s not the official cover as it’s mocked up from some images off the net, but it does give an overall feel of the mood he’s looking to convey. I’m wanting to work on the current idea list to keep track of what bits we kept and what bits we discarded. This is, of course, the stuff that feels most like play…damn I love that book.