The Littlest Thief part 2

Well heck!  Seems I have a three-parter instead of a two-parter here. I will finally indulge myself and do the final part the way I imagined it in my dream. I am not sure about this next part, it just spilled from me all jumbled and quirky. Kinda like it anyhow.

Part 2:

Dexter entered the debriefing room and slammed his hands onto the desk stopping the chatter. Wilson looked like he was going to cry, Max had no expression, and Tessa just looked pissed. He noticed that Randy and Lily were both missing. “Where’s Randy and Lily?” Wilson looked ashamed and stared down at his desk, not speaking, his hand gripping the table and Dexter noted the knuckles were bruised and bleeding. Tessa sighed looked over at Wilson, there was some kind of silent communication before she turned her head back to him, and replied, “He tried to bail”.

Deter looked from one face to the other for clues. “Why?” She tilted her head toward Wilson “Golden boy was suspicious and hacked the little twerps email. He found correspondence back and forth to Thumbsky.” “Wilson growled low in his throat, bringing Dexter’s attention back to him, “I knew you’d suspect it was me. I’m the most likely candidate, I’m….” He paused and wiped his eyes. Then met Dexter’s gaze “The most likely suspect.” “You’re right, you are, but I also suspected Randy.” Dexter kept his voice firm, Wilson didn’t need glad-handing, he needed a boss. “What happened to your hand? You punch Randy for what you discovered?” Wilson colored and shifted uncomfortably in his chair, but didn’t reply. “No, Randy knew the gig was up the moment he entered the room and saw Wilson on the computer,” Tessa replied. “He got that when Randy asked me to come with him.” Dexter’s felt his eyebrows lift toward his hairline. “He punched Randy for that?” Wilson sighed and looked back down at the table, still saying nothing. His posture defensive. Once again Tessa answered for him, a peculiar look of surprise and something else, in her expression. ” No, he got that when I refused and Randy decided to…um…persuade me by coping a feel. I was just about to give that ass some lessons in sensitivity and how to treat a lady, when..” She looked over at Wilson again and gave a small smile, which Wilson missed, still staring at the table. “Wilson decided he needed the lesson from another male’s perspective.”

Max grunted finally joining the conversation “Clocked him a good one boss!” he looked over at Wilson, “Didn’t know you had it in you, bro!” He slapped Wilson on the back, making Wilson flinch, Dexter didn’t blame him, Max was over 300 lbs (all muscle) and liked lifting women over his head for laughs. He had hands like sledgehammers. He returned his gaze back to Wilson, who was attempting, it seemed, to disappear into the table. “I’d have liked to see that myself.” He smirked, the laughter evident in his voice and drawing Wilson’s eyes, at last, up from the surface of the desk. “I’m a pacifist, but..” He cast a sideways glance over at Tessa and blushed slightly. “Tessa isn’t a piece of meat. What he did was disrespectful and…” he flushed slightly “I let it pass when he has done stuff before, and I shouldn’t have.” He turned his head and glanced at Tessa, then just as quickly glanced away again. “I decided last time I wasn’t gonna let him do it again, to anyone. Lily too.” Tessa narrowed her eyes at the mention of another woman, laid her hand on the crook of Wilson’s arm, and leaned even closer, causing Wilson to sway his body slightly to the other side, attempting to put some distance between them again “Thanks, Sugar. It means a lot.” Wilson blushed a deep scarlet and looked uncomfortable. His eyes pleaded with Dexter to change the subject. Inwardly Dexter chuckled highly amused. The guy really had no social skills. He looked like he wanted to run away, would probably consider cutting his own arm off just to get away from Tessa’s hand on his arm. Dexter tracked Tessa’s expression, she knew it too, the little minx.

He focused on the rest of what Wilson said his expression changing suddenly enough to capture everyone’s attention “What do you mean, and Lily too?” Dexter felt himself go rigid If that bastard touched Lily he’d… “I just meant, I promised myself, if he touched any women, Lily or Tessa because they are the women on the team..” Wilson stuttered “I mean, any person really, um..even men, cause ah…men can be harassed to…um” he eyed Dexter in surprise, clearly confused by Dexter’s sudden menacing posture. Max interrupted with another grunt ” I’d like to see that asshat tries to sexually harass me. I’d fold him in half and mail him home to mama.” He pounded Wilson on the back again eliciting another flinch. “Just cause a man likes himself some ladies, don’t give him no right to go pawing them like an animal.” Max’s statement had everyone looking over at him in complete shock. Dexter recovered first. Seems he, and others, had done a bit of stereotyping, he locked gazes with Tessa and Wilson, by a silent agreement they all enthusiastically muttered their agreement. Tessa nudged Max with the hand that wasn’t on Wilson’s arm (still) “You tell em, Maxie!” Max flushed his own shade of crimson and awkwardly grabbed a magazine from the table and proceeded to flip through it, pretending a nonchalance that fooled nobody. Dexter let him off the hook asking “Where is Lily?”

Tessa tilted her head and smirked at him knowingly, making him nervous. “She came in after Randy. He got escorted out by the security team. Wilson forgot to mention that part. He sent his findings on to Harcourt and sent the request to have Randy detained for questioning. Harcourt said we probably can’t do anything about Randy leaking the information, but he’s as good as black-balled in this town in regards to any future he might have envisioned working in this area again. Besides, Harcourt has some serious connections. I bet Ol’ Randy didn’t realize he was getting himself so deep. He’s gonna have to hope Thumbsky makes good on whatever promises he made, cause from the way Harcourt reacted, that boy might want to rethink his future in this town.” She followed this statement with the universal gesture of the finger across her throat. “Lily seemed. Weird. She left you something over on the desk.” Tessa nodded to a wrapped parcel Dexter had missed “Then, left. Said she needed some air or something., said you’d know where.”

Dexter froze. “She said I’d know where?” His gaze never leaving the package, he suddenly knew exactly what was in it. “She said I’d know where?” he repeated more incessantly. Tessa tore her gaze away from Wilson, who had resumed his table staring. Seriously, he thought, the boy needed to pay more attention to what was right under his nose. “Yeah, she said something else, but it made no sense to me.” Dexter gripped the edge of the package tightly and slid it toward himself, desperately attempting to appear unaffected by the sudden intense need to have his question answered: “What was it?” Tessa paused trying to remember. “She said, Even Angels have pasts” Dexter felt his entire body seize . His heart sped up and his hands grew shaky. She knew. “Good work today. Everyone go home and take the rest of the day off.” he strode from the room before anyone could even respond to his sudden announcement. Tessa looked over at Wilson, curiosity pinging off her face, “What was THAT all about?” Wilson looked up from the table finally, meeting Tessa’s gaze and for once, keeping it. “It’s not for us to know. Seems to me, Devil’s also have pasts.”