I think I may have broken my liver

Watching episode 12 of Madame Antoine, 2 minutes in and I may never recover from the hilarity. Ko Hye-Rim is onto Choi Soo-Hyun and has neatly turned the tables, telling him he must prove his love by wearing a ridiculous flower (the action he had envisioned for her) in his own hair. Cut to Won Ji-Ho having a nightmare that Ko Hye-Rim’s sister is getting married to someone she just met, just as he is admitting to himself he likes her (finally). The funny part of that being that he actually imagines her (Ko Yoo-Rim) in full wedding dress and finery, but just as sassy as always, not to mention she just met the proposed fiance a few days previously. His dream is utterly hilarious.

Enjoying my Easter Sunday very much.