Penny candy and Huffy bikes

I grew up on penny candy. $1.00 was heaven. For me, living on Creek road, the best moment of my life was getting my first bike. It had a banana seat.  The second best moment, was getting my second bike (even if the damn thing was pink). It was a Huffy, and the seat was wayyyy more comfortable. Riding to get penny candy, was an enjoyable adventure. We saw new people, got chased by friendly dogs (and the odd not so friendly dog), and sometimes stopped to pull grass and feed horses.

We rode down hills that make me gasp in fear now. Where was my rational fear? Certainly not sitting on my bike petals. The brakes on my bike were rarely used. I wish I could say the same for my bike chain (there was never more chagrin in life than that felt realizing the chain had come off…again). Hospital visits were aplenty. I have many scars. I’m proud of every single one of them.

We hardly ever went inside in sunny days. Even if we’d wanted too, since mom always locked us out to “Get some damned fresh air” Kickball games in the country only ever ended two ways. Someone got mad and swore they were never playing again and stomped off in a huff..with the ball…or it got too dark to see anymore. Sometimes both.

We caught the bus to school at the end of our driveway. We loved our bus driver, she let us play music on the bus. I heard Thriller for the first time with my knees braced against the back of someone else’s seat. Paperball fights on the last day of school was the height in bus driver indulgence. The best hour of the whole day.

Growing up in the grey house is my happy place.

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