Good Questions #58

58. In what ways are you a leader? In what ways are you a follower.


I lead when I know a lot about something, or have given a topic lots of thought and consideration. I also sometimes lead until the person realizes they can do what I am showing them and doesn’t need to be lead anymore. I like seeing a follower become a leader. Some of the ways I lead are by example, sometimes by experience, and sometimes through a sharing of my passion.

I follow when I want to learn what someone else has knowledge of and can teach me. I follow when I am uncertain of my path and need to trust. I also follow when someone else wants to lead, so long as I want to go where they are leading me.

Some of the ways I follow are by reading and studying, asking to try and to be corrected, and sometimes by watching someone doing something until I think I have the way of it and can ask smarter questions.

I prefer a life of changing places, but I love best walking side-by- side with someone where no leading or following needed or desired.