Thinking out loud

Philosophical thoughts this evening.

Thoughts on love

The one true thing you can own in this life is your own feeling. No one can take how you feel away from you, however, you must also accept that you have no right to interfere with the feelings of another. You can dislike this fact, or accept it. In the end, you must accept. Someone may love you or not love you. That is their right. You can only control how you let their feeling affect you. 

If I love someone, it is my right to do so. One can love me back, or choose not to love me back. They do not get to choose if I love or don’t love. In the same vein, I cannot ask one not to love me, I can only accept they do, and share truth and honesty. I can only honor the fact that they found something in me to love, though not able to return that love. I respect love. I must respect that I may love, but the one I love may not love me back. I must accept and find joy in the fact that I feel something, even though not returned back to me. There is honor in taking a chance. I may get my heart broken, but I dared to love. There is no shame or regret.

The same goes for all other feeling.

If my heart loves, even unreturned, it is still something precious. Love is precious and rare. One should never treat love lightly. Today it might be another, but tomorrow it might be you.

Respect love.