Good Questions #57

Describe the ideal relationship and mate for you.

Oh, an easy question for once..NOT.

The best relationships are the ones you work at. Nothing worth having comes without effort, NOTHING. My ideal mate will be rife with differences, problems,and personality quirks all his own. I like the idea of someone who refuses to be defined, who is just himself. That being said, there are some definite things I would find intriguing in a prospective mate.

Someone who loves to read, learn, evolve. I love reading. I love learning. I am extremely passionate about experiencing new things and challenging myself to grow. It would be awesome to be around someone who also embraces these things. It wouldn’t hurt if he also likes to travel. I love adventures and exploring. Have Ellie Badge, will adventure. Cause, Adventure is out there!

Open minded. I don’t do judgment. People have a right to be who they are. I don’t get to decide who that is, if they are acceptable, if they should be able to do things they want to do. Someone who also likes diversity in people is someone I would get along with. The only people I do unfailingly appose, are those who seek to harm others. Those who prey on others are, in my opinion, deserving of every single bit of Karma my loving heart can wish their way. I’m a pacifist, but that is not the same as pushover.

Goofy. I am a regular wackadoodle. I am quirky, silly and, at times, cheerfully lacking in maturity. I will trounce you at air hockey and proceed to do a victory dance. I will greet you at the door with a water pistol selection and 30 seconds head start. I will remind you of every single dorky thing you have ever done. I will celebrate memories with you. I will create moments. Having someone who turns my tables and plays back would be completely groovy.

Kind. I need a guy who gets me. Who understands this rather embarrassing thing about me. I am terribly sentimental. I keep bits and pieces of memory tucked away in a box. You may think writing the date on a popsicle stick and saving it is dumb, but, for me, they are the gateways to thing I cherish most in the world, people, places, animals. I will cry at sad movies.I will rant for 20 minutes about a fictional guy who kills a dog in a movie (true story). I will bluster and froth. I will seeth and share (sometimes quite vigorously) how I truly feel about something that matters to me. I also share how I feel. I give hugs. Dance on place. Holler and hoot. I blush, a lot, and I will tell you, constantly, that you are loved, because I am a woman who feels everything out loud (even if I am too shy and turn so you can’t see how touched I am when you do or say something lovely)

Um..soo…yeah. Those are the qualities that make me like someone.

Notice good looks, income, and prestige, are not even on the list. That’s because I love from the inside out.