Tiny bit


I might have a teensy bit of a journal collection addiction. I can’t help it. A journal has all these possibilities for recording things in them. Blank pages of possibility. My inner goober geek can’t help herself.

That being said. I bought my 6th journal today.

Geek check.yup..still geeky.

Journal #1 Poetry

Journal #2 Pin-eyed people drawings

Journal #3 Tarot Reading Lessons (I’m learning the meanings behind each card and how to do an intuitive reading.)

Journal #4 Astrology

Journal #5 Book reading and have read list. Yes, I am that anal.

Journal #6 Biometric data. Work Experience, Addresses, and Geneology. I’m older.  I can’t remember stuff for applications anymore, thus, my journal of stuff I should know, but no longer remember. Besides I’ve been working since I was 13, that’s a lot of places. I have lived in over 4 states and one other country..this stuff gets elusive after a awhile. 🙂 As for the geneology, I am a soup pot of cultures, and I know my place in all of them.

Z deserves to know where she comes from. My kid has even more cultures that I do. I did her geneology on her dad’s side for her too. She has a very proud legacy.

Let’s just be honest.If I bought a journal for all my interests and current learning pursuits, I’d be knee deep in journals.

Let’s see, I’d need one for a Stitch bible  (You would be amazed at how many types of sewing stitches there are..basket weave, Smyrna  Cross, Double Stitch, Eyelet stitch, Satin stitch..to name just a few)

Numerology. Learning Numerology was incredibly fun. I wouldn’t mind writing down the process for future reference.

Taoism. The Tao of Pooh among others, Maybe write a bit about Transcendentalism and the oversoul.

One  travel journal for all the places I have been and/or want to go experience. A sort of Travel bucket list to record my travels and record experiences when I complete one.

Memories book. I could record special moments I never want to forget. I really like that idea, actually.

See, I really am a bit geeky.. but I like my journals. They make me feel good looking at them all lined up. lol