Chai me

Resting. Drinking Chai tea and simply resting. I dislike the way my body reacts to changing temperature. If I sit down for a spell, getting up can be interesting. The first 5 steps remind me I am not young anymore. Oh, and my hair is thinning. 😦 I’m not the vain type, but I grew up with wildly thick hair, so it feels incredibly weird to have it thinning out a bit.

Tomorrow it will be Chai tea, Rice-a-roni and a good book for lunch. Staying home is not my style, so being forced to lie abed all day really makes me nuts. To combat utter boredom I uploaded photos like mad. Check my Out-and-About page in the link bar if you are interested in all that. I worked on it all day in the complete dark, since in edition to overwhelming fibro pain, I was also blessed with migraines for the day. Can you tell I had a fantastic day? Yup. One of those. Ah, well. I haven’t taken off work in at least 6 months or better. At least it wasn’t the damned flu.

Back to work tomorrow. 1 pm to close, just the way I like it.