Daily impressions April 29, 2016


Morning song : “Carry on” from Faith  starring Lee Minho. I love the blending of music and voice in the song. It feels reverent.


Best friend good morning text, photo of the Woodstock t-shirt I bought him as a present. Yes, M…you look happier now then you have ever been. Agree, agree, agree. I pick awesome T-shirts, it’s a talent.

Stitch Blackwork feels suddenly like indulgence. I never realized stitching could feel like a gift. Bus was 10 min late, the driver called ahead to the M3 so we wouldn’t miss it. Crazy Ajumma crossed the street while green, she was so worried it would leave. I crossed with her just so the cars would see her and not hit her, I am flipping nuts.

Finished reading Where You Belong, and was startled by seeing a Great Dane sticking its head out a car window at the stoplights. Strange the synchronicity of my life sometimes. The Great Dane in the book reminded me of a hilarious moment while in England last year. Stopped to get petrol and spotted a Mini Cooper next to us at the other side. Inside, sitting on the left, was a Great Dane. I about lost my mind giggling. To my American eyes it seriously looked like the funniest thing I had ever seen. A Giant sized dog in a Mini car, on the left side in what looked, to me, like the drivers seat. Of course it drove off before ANYONE else saw. These moments always seem to happen only to me. I see hilarity, but no one else does.

Got to ride the bus to work with Lori, who was going to the mall. Lovely morning chat.

First order if business to my workday, Markdowns on apparel.

Then, sign printing.

Then, commodities.

Then, food markdowns.

Two more days until food pull again.

Never a dull moment.

Sewing at the bus stop waiting to go home…cold fingers, warm thoughts.

Home. Chicken salad and Tater tots. Hmm…

Newlands Edge T-shirt and sweatpants.

Time for sleep and snoring.