Good Questions #56

56. What would be your “perfect” day?

Traveling to someplace I’ve never been. Staying in bed until 10 am. Waking to a much loved music mix while getting ready. Dressing in blue jeans, leather boots, my favorite t-shirt, hoodie, and packing a backpack with a picnic, my Kindle,and my camera. Grabbing a banana, yogurt, and an oatmeal raisin cookie, for breakfast, and starting out on foot for an exciting day of photography, headphones firmly in place, with a special playlist of music created for maximum indulgence while trekking.

Experiencing colors, scents, people. Recording my thoughts in my journal, taking shots or listening to the chatter around me. Making acquaintances with the locals, asking questions, listening to stories, soaking up learning. Walking in sunshine and feeling the wind in my face. Stopping to appreciate the scenery, art, culture. Revelling in the vibe.

Eating my picnic while relaxing in a beautiful place. Flirting shamelessly with nature and enjoying the trees. Laughing out loud at the antics of nearby children, seniors, lovers and/or cheeky teens.

Stopping for an ice cream cone. Buying a few memory souvenirs from a nearby stand. Discovering a used book store. Buying books that capture my interest after an hour visit. Going back to my hotel or place to stay. Downloading and flipping through my shots. Posting to my blog. Reading a book.  Dressing for dinner. Going somewhere elegant but not fussy about dresscode. Ordering something yummy. Observing people at nearby tables. Taking a leisurely walk as a busker plays music nearby. Wandering into a classics movie theater and seeing a random Black & White movie.

Going back to my room and taking a bubble-bath. Going to bed with complete contentment.

The perfect day.