5 Embarrassing things

5 (embarrassing) things you probably didn’t know about me.

1) I cannot fill an icecube tray without thinking about the Titanic and how the tray is a visual aid to the concept of density.

2) If I put a stuffed animal in a bag, it must have its head out, so it can breathe. (Z insisted they would suffocate all throughout her childhood, now it’s habit) This happens more than it would for others as I work at a baby store.

3) I don’t talk about sex, EVER. I consider it a sacred thing and have been known to get really, really angry if someone eludes to my sex life as a topic of conversation. I’m not a prude, I’m a romantic.

4) I talk to myself, a lot. Like A LOT. Whole conversations. In fact, sometimes I am both sides of a two way conversation with…myself. Um…yeah. moving on.

5) Memories are precious to me. I keep stuff. In a box. In my closet. That reminds me of those memories. It has gotten so that friends hand me the receipts from a meal or ticket stub from a movie without  even asking anymore. There are soda bottle caps, an ice cream stick and one very wrinkled glove wrapper in there. If memories are present, there is a 100% chance I have my camera on my person as well.