Day off to-do list

  1. Going to the park with tennis ball.Done
  2. Shower.Done
  3. Laundry. In dryer.
  4. Blackwork Sampler. Working on it now.
  5. Write a new poem.
  6. Watch a K drama.
  7. Write Moon Lenses-esque scene for funzees and post it to my blog. I’m gonna write about Mr Snapples security bee (Ispa) I have been in love with that little doorbee for ages and now Im indulging myself. Wanna  know who Ispa is? Here’s a quote from Chapter 2.

The Shop was discreetly tucked between two overwhelmingly large buildings that almost seemed to be sheltering the tiny shop from harm. He was sure he had not seen it there just a moment ago, but suddenly, there it was, like a high-end note from a melody surrounded by deep bass and the rain rattle of drums. He quickly grabbed the shop door, opening it just enough to slip through and looked for the tiny brass bell above the door-frame which he managed to easily mask with his hand before it had time to ring out, and prayed the one pursuing him had not seen him. Or it was supposed, to ring out, and it wasn’t so easy to muffle. To his surprise as he held onto it, it violently rattled. It were almost as if it were annoyed, and he might have let it go. It was shaped in the form of a hive and the bell hammer inside was instead, a tiny metallic bee. That was no rattle, that was a buzz, and it was the second time he’d been practically stung today the count thought, as the pain in his heel reminded him. First a wasp, now a, well, whatever it was.