Sign system hormones

Another one bites the dust. My other manager, the one just under the store manager, startled me the other day by confiding how much she hates the sign system we use. She seemed surprised. I think I’m gonna die from the hilarity. I really think they thought I was just uber emotional or something about this stuff.

I have made no secret of my frustration with it for the past year. Why do I feel vindicated suddenly? No, really I was just hormonal all this time, banging my head against the desk and cursing the gods. I just really enjoy that they respect me better now.

I feel like the mechanic who is the only person who can get a junk engine to work. Every time I go on vacation now they look terrified.

It’s kinda funny. A little bit funny. Sorry, but…I just can’t help a few chuckles. I have been known to mutter under my breath at the damned thing and suddenly the managers GET IT.

Truly, I feel validated in some small way.