2012 Archive

Working on my poetry links for the 2012 Archive today. I calculated  all my poetry up and doscovered about 1700 poems total , so far. My fat head is nicely unaffected by ego however, due to the fact that, some of my earlier work, was quite um….er…challenging…which is to say..not my best effort. I rambled, and some of it sounds suspiciously similar to a teenager trying on poetry for the first time. Happily, I balanced these weird stream of consciousness poems, with some randomly placed bits of lovely. Later in 2008 those streams of thinking dropped away and the poetry became more like the work I enjoy today. Poems that I am delighted by even after all these years.

It’s nice to see how my work has progressed and changed over the years. I can’t say I am ashamed of a single bit of work. It’s all growth!