Oh Hae Young Episode 7

Omo! The start of the episode was seriously funny. Oh Hae Young gets up extremely early, sneaks out of her house, travels to the grocery store, and then shows up at her parents begging her mum for help making a lunchbox for Park  Do-Kyung. Who she finally fully admits to herself she likes (confessing is a very big deal in Korean culture)

Now, in Korean culture, so I have gathered, this is Epic! Girls only make up lunchboxes for their boyfriend or guy they like, so telling her mum she needs help makes mum’s ears perk right up. Which was extremely touching for me to see, as her mum hides her emotions until they escape from her. It was really adorable see her get a lightbulb over her head and jump into super-mum cooking mode. Even her dad got into it. Seriously cute. Mum, of course, assumes this is boyfriend lunchbox, while Oh Hae Young is simply attempting to show the guy she likes him. Fast forward to Park  Do-Kyung beung awkward about the lunchbox, turns out he gets all kinds of stupid shy whenever someone shows him this kind of obvious affection. How freaking cute can he be!!! Awe! You adorable puppy.

If only the sweet lasted..but noooooo…This is a K Drama people..you can’t have warm fuzzies without a heathly dose of ouch.

Still, really good episode.