The lunchbox question

Hmm…what would I put in a lunchbox for a guy I like.

1) The All-American version. Start with an Italian Sub cut into bite sized bits, complete with fancy toothpicks. Add Cool Ranch Doritos for a little zesty flavor. Grapes that have been chilled for a good palate feeling. Some speared pickle, and for dessert 3 chocolate chip cookies, in the shape of hearts.

2) The Thai version..Peanut Chicken Satay with Saffron rice, Curried Squash and some chilled green tea. For Dessert? Honey-drizzled Fried Bananas.

3) The Italian Version: Hand-made pasta Cavatelli with lobster, Spring peas and mascarpone. Served with Spinach salad on the side, Dark roasted coffee, and a fresh baked cream horn for dessert.

4) Country-style: Fried chicken, buttermilk biscuits with honey-butter, corn-on-the cob, parmesan mashed potatoes, really cold sweet tea and chocolate cake for dessert.