Revlon luxurious colorsilk

Ok, you got me. I have the undeniable task every other month of dying my hair. Grey roots are soo not attractive. Today I discovered something kinda awesome.

Now, we all know hair dye is pretty similar. The more expensive it is the more “brilliant” its supposed to be. For me, on a budget, its really all about what cost the least but still gets the damned job done, after all, next 2nd month I get to do it allllll over again.

Today I picked up Revlon Luxurious Colorsilk. Nice sized gloves, the expected instructions and color agent and….wait a second, what is this? I looked at it in disbelief for a second…covers for…my glasses. O.M.G. You f-ing rock!!!

Covers for the stems of my glasses. Covers, because you need to read the damned directions, covers because you have to SEE what you are DOING, Covers…because some people wear glasses, nice ones..that they don’t want stained.

I think I love you Revlon. Honestly. $5 dye AND something no one ever considered before.

High five Revlon! You rock!