Oh Hae Young Episode 10

Soo many feels. The beach scene was gorgeously shot. Beautiful. Shot in Sepia, it was the perfect blending of emotions. He was remembering the past, and needed her and only her…so the romantic cast of the Sepia, coupled with the inherent feeling of timelessness Sepia represents made it a very good balance. It was perfect.

First, I cried.

The story of his father’s death told from the eyes of a young child was heartbreaking. It made me cry. It was just wonderfully crafted. Even while I cried the story made me nod..very good use of imagery to tell the story..not too much..let the sound be limited, so the impact of it, when it is used, is even more strongly felt. Perfect. Sad, but perfect.

Then, I laughed.

Oh Hae Young wanting to spend the night at a Hotel, rebuffed and cock-blocked by the designated driver lowering his price..was hilarious! I thought I was going to rupture something vital in the organ area if I laughed any harder.

The was my favorite episode so far…

ps. The sneak attack kiss in the food stall was Muy Caliente! Hubba hubba dude!