The gift of Z

Z has a rare talent. She draws emotions that anyone can identify with. Her work is subtle but powerful. At 15 she already knows how to convey her understanding of how people feel and need one another. She always awes me. Her talent gets better and better, and I am impressed..but, it is her heart that makes me even prouder. I see who my daughter is when I see pieces like this one. How did I ever get so lucky as to have this AMAZING person as my child?

I really get choked up. If the only great thing I ever do in this world is give birth to this loving person, I will consider myself satisfied. I am blessed to have this person call me mom.

I can’t wait to see her learn her path. She is priceless to me. One day the world will know my daughter’s name. Once she stops changing her signature, that is. 🙂