Juniper and Juni

I had a strange and wild thought today and wanted to follow it through to its conclusion. I do this sometimes when I am truly enjoying pure reasoning. So, I am typing this as I think it. It’s a weird thought, but even the strange thoughts teach us something.

Ok, so I was looking at the trees while on a walk the other day. I thought about how I couldn’t ever be a tree. This made me sad, so I thought out my reasoning.

See, sometimes you wonder if trees are the souls of people who wished to be a tree in their next life, to be still and peaceful through the ages. I was thinking that, however much I love trees, (and I love them more than can be considered normal) I didn’t think I could be one. Because, well..trees stand in one place. They never move away. They can’t change their mind, pull up roots, and relocate (at least not without human intervention) They stand there year after year, day after day. Unable to look for new sights or happenings. Unable to move, literally, their bodies from that spot.

I continued my thought and wondered if trees wished they could move. If they longed to stretch and twist to get that kink out of their back that’s been bugging them.

Then, I considered that perhaps the stillness could be offset by other trees nearby to talk to. Could they tap into their root system and have a long convo with the Maple tree just up the way? Are there intense discussions of the tree sort going on that I’m simply unaware of? Do trees have a lively social life I am completely oblivious to? Do the birds, chipmunks, and squirrels chatter about things seen and experienced as they climb and nest in the arms of trees? Do trees pity me, because I move too much, have no roots, don’t know where I belong?

Then, I thought about how at peace a tree seems. How they always seem to have the secret to something I cannot begin to understand. What is their secret?

Today, while again walking, I picked up my thought again as I paused to say hello to my favorite tree (yes, I have tree friends..many actually) I irrationally named it Juniper/Juni. It just felt right even if it isn’t a Juniper tree. I figured he/she needed an asexual name, since I don’t know if it’s male or female. Then, an interesting thought struck. One that has my mind very engaged.

What if, unlike humans, trees have two souls? Their mate already with them from the moment they are sprouted from seed. Growing with them, in a firm embrace, from the beginning to the end. Someone (or something) to talk to (or not to) as they see fit. To just BE with, endlessly, knowing intimately every moment of each other life. The cold Winter, the active Spring, the sultry Summer, and vibrant Fall. All experienced together. Moments, memories, lessons.

How brilliant would be the knowledge that you cannot be forgotten, that you are loved from your birth to your death? To know that your value and place in someone else’s heart is neverending. Firm, like the center of a tree.

Then, I realized…we are. We are loved from the moment of our birth. We are valued and loved endlessly. We are..because we are part of this world, and it is part of us. Like my friend, the tree..Juniper and Juni. I am connected to something bigger than me.


I’m suddenly very, very jealous of trees. Maybe I will be a tree in my next life, after all.