Mapping out my dream

Ok, so this is my dream. I am told to DREAM BIG, so here goes!

My 5 year plan.

  • Complete Hamilton, including revisions and polishing.
  • Find an illustrator that matches my vision of the book. Commission 10 pen and ink drawings for the book, as we’ll as,  cover art.
  • Find a publisher.
  • Publish my book
  • Get an agent.
  • Propose several books for series publication, including:
  •      Lexi Morgan: Paranormal Detective (Adult Series)
  •      The Alderdeen Chronicles (Adult series)
  •      Space School (YA series)
  •      Don’t Mess with the Contessa (Children’s poem book)
  •      Poetry Collaboration (Pairing word with image) Visual          poetry.
  •      The Moon Lenses (Collaboration with M. M. Clendon)
  •       Hamilton: Part 2
  •       A collection of thinking posts Titled: Collecting my thoughts.

Become small but mighty writer.

Have an architect design the blueprint of my dream home.

Build my house.

Decorate my house.

Move in.


Make a new 5 year list.