Defining Bekki

So, I’ve been freaking out a little. I mean, I know my goal…I want my own home, a good solid career in something creative, and a future…(You know, a retirement plan) whereby I am not still struggling to pay my bills on minimum wage at age 70.

I want this. Real bad. Only…I haven’t had a damned clue how one goes about learning new stuff that leads to a career. Especially a career in the creative field. I know what my strengths are:

Good problem solver, loves learning, stable worker, follows careful direction, loves people, loves kids, loves interaction and creative arts (like sewing, painting, and pottery) likes a challenge (a lot) loves photography, has vast stores of experience working with people and the public. Likes helping others, good at spiels and training others, excellent at tour guiding (some experience), and has solid writing skills.  Loves travel, learning about other cultures, and building on her thirst for knowledge. Loves music, movies, poetry, and people. Cannot contain her enjoyment of books, new places, and unique experiences

I just needed ideas about the whole “get started” thing.

So, after crying like a dumbass to my best friend, he stared me down and ordered me to look into volunteer work or joining a club. He says that you can’t meet people in the field you are looking to join, if you don’t JOIN anything. (Gulp) kinda guilty.

So, I wrote the Erie Art Museum about volunteering. I also looked into taking a two session pottery class. It’s not cheap ($80) but I think my future is worth it. So, Started.

Not done, but started….really this time.

Now just to look into how to go about getting my childrens poem book illustrated. I need to clean up the look of the poem and break it into storyboard pages. To decide how I want each page to be illustrated, and save up to have some sample illustrations done. So, I can make a bid with a publisher. Someone correct me if I am doing this wrong, I have 0 experience at getting a children’s book published. I just feel I need a plan and some serious research and a workable plan.

It goes without saying I’m going to blog about all this right?

Try Everything!