Sometimes people winge. They complain, and scream, cry, rail, and say that it all just sucks too much. That they can’t do it. That it will NEVER happen. That there are 200 things in the way. They know they are being defeatist, they don’t need you to point it out. Some people mean it. Some people only see the defeat. And some…some are just tired. They are just tired and need you.

Your job, as a friend, may not be to tell them they are being negative. That they are complaining. That they are wingeing. Your job, sometimes. is to listen. To listen, listen, listen..and then, when they have exhausted themselves hurting, you hold their hand, hug them tight and say…

“You can”

“It will”

“You can do this”

“I believe in you”

Fighters get exhausted. They worry their fighting will end in broken bones and blood. That they will let down everyone and themselves.

There are people, in the world, who think they can’t do it, and then, there are the people, in the world, that are trying to, but are weary. Know the difference.