There is a truth, that those who have awakened accept. It is the awareness that you will never be done becoming. That you will never stop seeking that feeling of “knowing” again. It feels too good, that awareness. It feels like where we belong. No matter what happens to you after you wake, you will never forget how it felt, for the first time, to know the universe loves you. It is a place one cannot stay, but will happily never forget.

You no longer feel content with sleeping through life. You feel an unquenchable need to LIVE. To experience, learn, share, and cultivate EVERYTHING.

My path is the written word. That is the path I chose as my light work.

All awakened have light work, it just finds you. You embrace it. It’s part of you being awake, this need to become.

My friend M, chose mental health as his work. Jim Carey (a fellow Cappi) chose humor and speech.

We have one thing in common, despite such differing work. We all strive to alleviate suffering. That is what awakening is about. It’s about loving humanity sooo much, you become a willing participant in the solution.

How do you save the world? You wake up. You choose a medium to do your work in, and you get to work. You become.

I am so glad I woke up.