Erie Art Museum

Erie Art Museum

Ok, that was interesting. I guess I was over-eager, I showed up at 11, they didn’t open until 1. Umm…Thank goodness for McDonald’s and Wifi, lol.

I went back at noon. Saw some guys waiting. Craig and Prym (Pretty name). These guys weren’t volunteer, they were there to set-up for an event this evening. They invited me to help, but I was really nervous. I’ve never volunteered before and didn’t know what I was supposed to do really. I met the person in charge of collections, Ally.

They told me the current person, in charge of volunteers, just left the position, which might explain why my 2 posts didn’t get a response. I gave my email and information to Ally and we chatted a bit.

I feel maybe Ally was taken off guard by my appearing when she wasn’t expecting it. Though, I was quite willing to stay, I felt, perhaps, she wasn’t quite sure about me I begged off for this particular day (I wasn’t expecting to start right away anyway).

I checked the bus schedule and the last 25 bus on a Sunday is at 5:10 which is perfect because I got the impression set-ups and events on Sundays generally end at 5. If there are any later evening events I might have to get my BIL involved for a lift on occasion, I’m thinking he won’t mind if it’s not that often.

I also bought a $5 token and tried that cool converted cigarettes machine with art objects in it. I chose the Mona Wu print block. Of course it got stuck in the machine (this is, after all, me we are talking about)

It’s quite lovely! I put it on my shelf.

The one huge snag, is my schedule, which flip-flops more than a dead ass fish. I don’t even have a set weekday off. Most I could say, was that I could be counted on for Sunday’s. I will have to send her my 2 week advance schedules if I ever want to actually get any actual volunteering done. Such is my life.

Still, I am a bit excited. Pretty sure I sounded like a mental patient because I was soo nervous. Introversion completely present. Argh!!!!