You say they will only listen if we demand change.

If we scream out, growl, spit.

Force them to acknowledge us,

force them to make change.

And I nod, understanding your heart.


I am not as proud as you.

I will beg, if I can.

I will plead.

I will lie down at their feet.

I will bow my head,

lower my eyes,

ask humbly with tears in my voice,

blood on my back.

I know well the vibrant color of defiance,

the beauty in its existence.

But, soo too do I know

that I will do, what youth refuses,

in the name of my people.

I have no pride to steal,

so long as freedom is given at long last.

I care not for my own dignity.

I have no sense of shame.

What my people need,

I will give gladly.

The result of my efforts

speak of my soul much more

than the flare of my resentment,

or the indulgence of my ego.