He will know me by my walk,

Not giddy, or vain

but rather a steady plodding

committed to just one more step.

The steel of my spine sometimes

the only forward momentum I have,

the weight of it pushing me on.


He will know me by my gaze.

Seeking answers, searching for lessons.

Looking forward, not back..

I have been behind me, I seek what I lack.


He will know me by my dreams.

Simple but cherished.

Held close and wept upon.

Some bits torn but patched over with new ideas,

when the old ones faded.


He will know me by my smile.

The one thing I share with everyone,

freely, because it costs no coin,

but, gives great value.


He will know me.

Because his heart will tell him

“There she is”



Like a prayer in a quiet room.