Good Question #53

Which are you more likely to fight for, love or money? Why?

Love. I grew up without money, therefore  know the truth of it. It hurts not to have it, but it doesn’t change you negatively to be without it. I grew up with love, it has shown me its value. I have seen the way it changes hearts and protects families. Lack of love changes people negatively, they lose their way and hurt themselves and others. Love can heal one thought lost. Money…money can’t do that, it can only pay for things. Money is just a thing, easily forgotten once it runs out. Love is an emotion that does miraculous things. It cannot run out. Even in the darkest moments, love can be grown. Love feeds parts of you that money can’t even find.

You can make money grow, and you can make love grow. While money runs out and is just gone, love is replenished.

Fighting for love takes strength and belief in what you are fighting for, I’ve never seen a thirst for money leap into a burning building.

Money has no nobility. No integrity. No sacrifice that lends itself to purity. You can worship money, but in the end, you need love to tell you, that you are more than the sum of your paper.