Sooo..a friend once discussed me with another friend in a chat thread I happened to see later. In it they discussed my lack of love life.

C: Bekki, Save, save,save…start living the life you should be with the man of your choice by your side.

M: That would either be Keanu Reeves or some soppy Korean actor that no one but Bekki has heard of outside of Korea! I’m not even sure if they would be all that well known inside Korea either come to think of it. Someone called Korea Reeves would probably be Bekki’s ideal man.

C: k then a poetry writing beany wearing slightly quirky Korea reeves.


I got this comment from a friend today…

“’s the search for the Korea-Reeves-Poet guy?”

Apparently everyone knows my love life better than I am comfortable with.

I’m gonna just die now.