Making friends with short people

I spent some time with some short people, all three   under the age of 3. There was food, tea, a cow and one very interesting tractor (it mooed).

Ever try to go to the bathroom with little people around? Apparently there are rules.

#1 You must lock the door (very important)

#2 You will hear a knock, if you don’t respond, another knock will result until you do, in a loop of sorts.

#3 Hi, will be said 40-50 times through the door, accompanied by a head trying to look under that same door. If head cannot find you through the crack, they will insert fingers under door.

#4 There is no such thing as taking your time in the bathroom with small people around. Banging will ensue if you take too long.

Small people have reeaally short attention spans, but they like getting into your lap…then down, then up again 2-3 minutes later.

Kids are hilarious standing in front of a blowing A/C unit. The faces are slightly goofy and your tummy will hurt from all the laughing.

Dominic- Will let the girls put clips and hair bands in his hair. Super easy-going and the youngest. Adorable blonde curly hair.

Helen-All eyes and talking. I’m thinking she’s gonna be powerfully opinionated and chatty. She has a sweet smile.

Amber- Listens to everything but doesn’t reveal she’s paying any attention. Likes toys that use batteries. Curly hair that doesn’t behave.

Well, that was interesting.

Apparently I am a child magnet..or maybe just a new face is super interesting. Either way, I was not allowed to ignore them. Even for a second.

Kids are funny.