Padum Padum

Padum Padum is the onomatopoeia that Koreans use to signify the sound of a heartbeat. I kinda love that idea. I wonder why English speakers don’t have a similar word. I like the idea that my heartbeat has a word for its essence of sound. It feels feminine and gentle, while also strong and masculine. Who says we can’t be both simultaneously.

Since we don’t have our own word, I hope they don’t mind me using theirs.

I also love the Swahili words for “I love you”. Nakupenda Sana. It just feels good on the mouth. If you want to make a ritual out of it, have your loved one respond by saying Nakupenda Pia. It means “I love you too”.

So…my list is growing.

Words and sayings I adore in other languages.

Xie xie– Thank you in Chinese.

Kamsahamnida–Thank you in Korean (Come-Sa-Mmm-Knee-Da)

Miane–Sorry in Korean (The M is pronounced like a B) Familiar (Informal)

Imja–Honey (Old fashioned) in Korean

Padam Padam–Heartbeat sound as described by Koreans

Te Amo, me amor–Spanish for I love you, my love.

Nakupenda Sana— I love you in Swahili

Asante Sana— Thank you in Swahili

Tuende–Let’s go!!