Fictional characters

Don’t tell me fictional characters aren’t real! Fictional characters are more real than anyone. They are the us we wish we could live up to being, the us we strive to be because they are the best possible versions of ourselves.

My heros are often fictional. I don’t mind flaws in a human being. It shows we are something that can become something else.

Being flawed means change can happen. The beauty in people is often their possibilities of becoming something outside of those flaws. From those flaws rise up something reverent, something sacred, something to be respected. The longing to be more than just that moment of humanity, a longing to expand.

The beauty part comes in when the changes happen and the thing that was kinda broken, becomes something kinda stronger, because they are inherently more beautiful now, than they would have been, had they not started out flawed.

Beauty doesn’t know it’s value, until it has to mend itself. Then it knows, it realizes, that the beauty of flaws is in the earning back of something. The fighting just to be more.

Fictional characters are often a dream of what that one day could look like. An imagining of what those struggles can look like once realized. We respond to fiction because it isn’t fictional at all. It’s only fictional because it hasn’t happened yet.