The Demons Apprentice by Ben Reeder


First, it’s not what you think it is. This book isn’t about some demon loving apprentice. It’s about a kid who survived being a slave to a demon and stuggles to clean his soul from the blackness that stains it. He struggles to help people who don’t know about magic and are in danger. It’s like the Dresden Files, but with a very young main character. It’s somewhat similar to what Dresden might have been like as a teen, you know, if he’d been tortured and forced to do evil until he defeated that demon for his freedom just to BE a kid.

Did I mention this is the first paranormal sci-fi book that has managed to make me cry from the empathy? When the character, Chance, talks about his feelings you just die a little for him. Something as simple as eating a hamburger is a gift. It made me love this kid. It makes me want him to win. It’s making me a firm fan.

The best part is Ben Reeder is perfectly crafting a journey for Chance. Each book slowly evolves the character and THAT. IS. FREAKING. AWESOME. WRITING.


I just love being a reader.