The family dream

I love my daughter…have always been delighted by being a mom, but, I never wanted to stop at only one child. That was more about circumstances. That’s why, this dream was so touching.

I was standing with someone and another person came up behind me. They placed a child on my shoulders and I instinctively grabbed them to keep them steady. The child giggled with complete delight. In my dream came a thought ” My son”

I think my heart exploded. He look down at me, which made him upside-down in my dream. His eyes brimming with glee at surprising me. (More than he knew) I got the impression that he was here to escort me to his dad, like it was his daddy given mission of sorts. Whoa! Daddy??!! Heart palpations in abundance.

Now, here is the thing, my son had brown eyes. In my dream I knew his dad did too…which gives me just enough of a clue to kill me..cause that only eliminates a small portion of THE ENTIRE WORLD.

I  hope this dream comes true…cause I love that kid.