Confession time

I don’t know when it became obvious but, I have become a fully fledged Asian art lover. It all started with these beautiful Geisha bookmarks I couldn’t get enough of looking at. Then I noticed these elaborately decorated Cross-stitch patterns. Momiji dolls and Kokeshe dolls. The Mooshu world in Wizard 101 and a compulsive need to own all things Mooshu styled in my characters house.

I love Korean music, Asian dramas, and Asian simplicity. I deeply respect Asian culture and I really, really love the concepts of Asian philosophy. some point I became deeply committed to all things Asian. I am starting to think I need to visit these places at least ONCE in my life.

I still love Art Nouveau and Art Deco to an extreme extent, but both draw a lot from Asian culture, so it just works beautifully.

So..I confess. I am not Asian and I can’t get enough of Asian culture.

So sue me.

Ps. I just bought my very first Momiji doll.